Easewell China's first parent-child flagship store was officially unveiled in Xiamen PARAGON Shopping Mall on January 11, 

Adhering to the pursuit of the new experience of "relax at home", Easewell collaborated with Maserati, Cybex, Micro, Bently and other international first-line baby buggy brands for the first time to build the first parent-child flagship store in China, and open a new chapter of parent-child life!

In the morning of the same day, Easewell held a grand opening ceremony of Easewell's first parent-child flagship store in China and the signing ceremony of Fujian's first Maserati balance car competition was held in Xiamen PARAGON Shopping Mall, attracting a large number of consumers and media to watch and experience.

At the opening ceremony, Amy Chan, Vice general manager of OGAWA group and general manager of Easwell, and Mr. Julian, President of Micro in China, delivered opening speeches.

Speaking of the sincere cooperation between both sides, Amy Chan and Mr. Julian said that in the current business competition environment, the "relax at home" healing new experience advocated by Easewell is in line with the current experience economic pattern under the upgrading of consumption, and both sides will work together to further cooperation.

The speech was followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. Amy Chan, vice general manager of OGAWA group and general manager of Easwell; Mr. Rafael, innovation vice president of OGAWA group; Ms. Liu Mingxiu, deputy general manager of PARAGON Shopping Mall; Ms. Weng Yuanyuan, deputy general manager of PARAGON commercial marketing department; and Ms. Zhang Weiyi, marketing director of Maserati automobile of Fujian junjiaxing; Mr. Julian, president of Micro in China; Mr. Fang Yongtu, general manager of Maserati baby carriage in China; and Mr. Zhong Ronghai, founder of Wusuo space design and main designer of Easewell 2020 retail store image, carried out a grand opening ribbon cutting.

After the ceremonious ribbon cutting ceremony, Amy Chan, vice general manager of OGAWA group and general manager of Easewell, and Ms. Liu Mingxiu, vice general manager of PARAGON Shopping Mall, held a lion awakening and finishing ceremony.

Signing a contract with many parties to promote prosperity.

At the launching and signing ceremony of the first Maserati balance car competition in Fujian Province, Easewell Mr. Guo yunning, China operation director; Ms. Zhang Weiyi, marketing director of Fujian junjiaxing Maserati Automobile Co., Ltd.; Mr. Wu Weicong, general manager of Maserati children's car club; and Ms. Weng Yuanyuan, vice general manager of Xiamen PARAGON commercial marketing department, respectively signed the contract on behalf of each party. In 2020, another heavy event will be added to Xiamen PARAGO Shopping Mall which focuses on user experience.

Subsequently, Mr. Guo yunning, operation director of Easewell in China; and Mr. Wu Weicong, general manager of discovery childhood, also signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation intention. The wonderful blooming of China's first parent-child flagship store in PARAGON Shopping Mall is a good start. It opens a new chapter in the imagination of parent-child lifestyle, and makes a creative combination of parent and kids' static and dynamic lifestyle.

In the future, Easewell and Discovery Childhood will join hands to carry out parent-child cross-border cooperation, build more stores and competitions in China, and comprehensively open strategic cooperation.

Easewell 2020 retail image set sail

The first parent-child flagship store of Easewell's life in China, with the theme of "a tour of mountains and rivers, quality and spiritual interest", starts from mother and son, dynamic and static, love and responsibility, and skillfully integrates two totally different emotional experiences. Cross border to create parent-child interaction experience space, upgrade the sensory experience for consumers.

The overall space is divided into different functional areas, providing a variety of and intimate shopping experience: the stroller product area displays selected products in a situational way, which is convenient for consumers to explore products; the decompression experience area creates an immersive massage experience.

In recent years, great changes have taken place in China's retail formats, and more attention has been paid to the creation of experience scenes and atmosphere. Therefore, Easewell first parent-child flagship store in China hoping to bring more funny experience space for babies and quiet and comfortable relaxation time for mothers.

In addition to the many upgrading experiences in the new store, Easewell also held a joint exhibition with Maserati, a leading luxury car brand, and Maserati children's buggy, which is inherited from sports cars, to show the beauty of cross-border fashion!

Easewell brand is a massage home design brand originated from Korea. It is designed by the Korean designer team to integrate concept design, taking home as the design origin and advocating "relax at home" healing new experience. At present, the brand focuses on product design, manufacturing and retail in line with modern aesthetic taste, and integrates with modern home furnishings seamlessly to create a new Asian trend product experience.

On the first day of its opening, the company's performance has exceeded RMB 0.2 million.

During the opening of the new store, a series of preferential and large reward activities were also launched, such as "the customers who buy the Maserati balance car will present 5 sessions of training courses for Maserati balance car, a set of protective equipment, and a cash red envelope of 2020 yuan for new year's cash" when buying Easewel massage chair. The new product mix, giving the awesome opening offer and the customers coming in, has made a good start on the first day of business, and its performance has been broken RMB 0.2 million.

It is believed that the completion of Easewell's first parent-child flagship store in Xiamen will not only be an experience resort for Easewell to provide customers in Xiamen, but also become a model work for Easwell to create a new experience of parent-child life.